The Indian Pageant Academy (IPA), an Endeavor company, creates and advances opportunities for women, men, boys & girls to enhance their fascination in the globe through its network of relationships beyond entertainment, fashion, and philosophy. IPA is a fabulous opportunity for ordinary people who are have been a dream to touch moons and stars in the galaxy of the pageant. IPA  encourages every individual to challenge themselves, find a unique self, and embody the academy’s mission of being Confidently Beautiful, Stunning, Smart, and Handsome. 


IPA network works with leagues and franchises throughout India and Abroad. In India, it operated heavily in recent times. Our institution offers accredited world-class academic programs. We take the core curriculum weave in pageant training to enrich with arts and enhance skill
development by taking a  contestant to a standard that surpasses “talented” and “smart”! it takes you to a level where you are well-rounded, focused, and ready to stand out among the rest.